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V. Rev. Fr. Ljubinko Savic

Father Ljubinko Savic, hailing from Priboj and deeply rooted in the Orthodox tradition from a young age, has passionately served the Serbian Orthodox Church in various capacities. From his ordination in Cajnice to leading endeavors in Northern Texas, his journey epitomizes commitment and spiritual growth. Today, with the support of his family, he continues his devoted service in Irving's Church of the Holy Three Hierarchs.

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Ljubinko Savic was born in 1975 in Priboj, to parents Dragoljub and Radinka, maiden name Bradonjic. From a young age, Ljubinko was immersed in the Orthodox faith by his grandfather, and his two uncles, all of whom served as clergy in the Serbian Orthodox Church. He began his education in Rudo, where he completed elementary school. He graduated from the Seminary School of St. Arsenije Sremac in Sremski Karlovci from 1990 to 1995. Subsequently, he pursued studies at the Theological Faculty of St. Basil of Ostrog in Srbinje/Foca. In 1997, he moved to Greece, where in 1998 he completed his theological faculty studies in Kilikia (Thessaloniki).


On the Feast of the Dormition (28 August) in 1999, in Cajnice, Ljubinko was ordained as a deacon by the blessing of the late Metropolitan Nikolaj. He was soon ordained as a priest: on 11 September 1999, on the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, in the church of Holy Father Nikola in Sokolac. That same year in November, Father Ljubinko was assigned to the parish at the church of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God in Cajnice. During his five-year ministry in Cajnice, Father Ljubinko initiated the renovation and reconstruction of both the church and the parish house.


Heeding the needs of the church and by the blessing of the late Metropolitan Nikolaj, he was received by Metropolitan Christopher of Midwestern America. Father Ljubinko took on the responsibilities of the parish of the Church of the Holy Three Hierarchs in Irving and relocated to Texas with his family in October 2005. As a priest, first of a missionary parish and then of a church-school parish, he dedicated himself to the endeavors of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Northern Texas. Bishop Longin elevated him to the rank of archpriest in February 2016. Protojerej Ljubinko Savic, with the assistance of his sons Adam and Aleksej, continues his clerical service at the Church of the Holy Three Hierarchs and leads the parish in Irving (Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolis).

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1810 South Story Road
Irving, TX 75060

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