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Welcome to our Serbian Orthodox Church, where faith, tradition, and community come together in the spirit of love and devotion.

Our Parish

Located in Irving, Texas, our church is a parish of the Midwest Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church. We are under the spiritual leadership of Bishop Longin of New Gracanica, Midwestern America. Our parish was founded on May 4, 1999, by ancestors who immigrated from the Balkans and settled in Texas.

Divine Liturgy - Sundays at 10 am
Vesper - Saturdays at 6 pm

The Divine Services are in Serbian, English and Church-Slavonic

Over the century, thousands of people have called Three Hierarchs Parish their home. Maybe this parish is the kind of spiritual home you have been searching for as well – please come and see, we would love to have you pray with us.

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Serbian Orthodox Church

The Serbian Orthodox Church, established in 1219 by Saint Sava, is an autocephalous Eastern Orthodox Church integral to Serbian culture and spirituality. It plays a key role in preserving Serbian heritage, especially during periods of foreign rule. The Church is structured into metropolitanates and eparchies mainly in the Balkans, serving the Serbian population and diaspora globally. Its historical and contemporary significance is profound, with its leader, the Serbian Patriarch, currently Patriarch Porfirije, positioned as a spiritual guide and national figurehead. For more detailed information, you can visit the Wikipedia page or SPC official website.


His Holiness Porfirije, Serbian Patriarch

Patriarch Porfirije, born Prvoslav Perić on July 22, 1961, in Bečej, is the 46th Serbian Patriarch, enthroned in February 2021. He previously served as the Metropolitan of Zagreb and Ljubljana and was known for his public communication skills and engagement in popular culture. Porfirije has played a significant role in ecclesiastical diplomacy, notably reconciling with the Macedonian Orthodox Church and regulating the Serbian Orthodox Church's legal status in Montenegro. His leadership is marked by efforts to foster interfaith dialogue and address social issues through the Church’s activities. For more detailed insights, you can visit his Wikipedia or SPC official website.

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His Grace Bishop Longin

Bishop of New Gracanica-Midwest America

Bishop Longin, born Momir Krco on September 29, 1955, in Kruscanje Olovo, currently serves as the Bishop of New Gracanica and Midwestern America. His ecclesiastical journey began at the Three Hierarchs Seminary and continued at the Moscow Theological Academy. Known for his commitment to the Serbian Orthodox community, Bishop Longin has been instrumental in church building and youth engagement, especially during his tenure in Australia and New Zealand. He is recognized for his efforts to maintain unity within the Serbian Church and support for the Serbian people during crises. For more detailed information, you can visit his profile.

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Parish Priest

V. Rev. Fr. Ljubinko Savic

Father Ljubinko Savic, born in Priboj in 1975, has dedicated his life to the Serbian Orthodox Church, serving parishes from Cajnice to Northern Texas.

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